Baron B58 - Ref.: 781

Baron B58

Ano 1999
Referência 781
Valor R$ 1.600.000,00

# 1.520 TT Continental IO 550B
# Nacionalizado 100% dos impostos pagos.
# Avionics/Radios - Bendix King Silver Crown Plus - KX-155 N/C with KI-525A Indicator - KX-155 N/C with KI-204 Indicator - KT-70 Mode S Transponder - KR-87 ADF with KI-227-01 Indicator - KN-63 DME with KI-572 Indicator with switching - KMA-26 Audio Panel RDR-2000 Vertical Profile Four color Stab - Radar - KLN 90B IFR - Approach Certified GPS Coupled to HIS MX-20 Moving Map - WX950 Stormscope - KEA-130A Counter-Pointer Servo Altimeter - KFC225 Autopilot Flight Director KCS55A Compass System - Remote Annunciator Panel Cooling Blower KA33 Altitude Pre-select Vertical Speed Select & Altitude Alerter
# Additional Equipment: (Full De-Ice ) Air-conditioning and sunshades - Propeller Un-feathering Accumulators, Prop Synchronizers - Co-Pilot Brakes - Heavy Duty Brakes - De-Icing - Anti-Icing Package - Automatic Lightweight De-Icing Boots - Heated Windshield Segment - Propeller De-Ice - Wing ice light - Large Cap. - Instrument Air Pump - Cabin Fire Extinguisher Wing and Tail Strobe Lights with bottom Mounted Beacon, # Exterior: Matterhorn White, Deep Blue, Feldspar & Clarette,
# Interior: Mushroom Leather, Instrument Panel: Autumn Smoke, Both are in close to as new condition!
# Tanque de 166 Galões

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